"Your Puppies First Grooming"

A puppies first grooming session is a most momentous occasion!!! Here at the Orangebone our Stylist are trained to be very patient and make this experience as stress free as possible. The initial approach not only by the Stylist but by the puppies companions can make all the difference on the effects of the first and future grooming sessions. We cannot express enough that from day one with your new puppy that you not only socialize them in a variety of ways, be it with people, other dogs and also unfamiliar environments (being careful not to do to much before all vaccinations are complete-talk with your vet) and to desensitize your puppy. By this I mean touching your puppy in areas such as feet, paws, belly, ears, the rear, around and in the mouth area and petting everywhere. Don't hesitate even with a short haired puppy to gently brush and comb, letting them investigate all the tools first....be gentle, patient and reward them with favorite treats!! All these procedures can be invaluable to their first visit with us.

Some puppies tolerate a full grooming better than others the first time while some need a more basic acclimation. I always give the puppies companions a list of options and then take their puppy on a test drive to see whats possible. Generally we want to for at least the first session or so to keep the grooming short and pleasantly memorable. We'd like them to experience a light brush out, ear cleaning, nail trim, sanitary, bath and a little trim where necessary, such as eye area and around paws. But before all this we will take the time to get familiar with your puppy and the same for them towards us, lots of love and a few treats. Once your vet gives you the ok to see us then by all means don't procrastinate and make your appt. We will Look forward to a long and enjoyable future in the care and well being of your new Family Addition!!!

See You Soon, The "Furmaster"