You Ask....Why is my Dogs Grooming So Expensive???

This is a question us Pet Stylists get asked quite frequently and usually I reply back with....."If you knew what we had to do and what we go thru to make your Companion so Handsome or Beautiful you'd think we were Crazy"!!!
Here are our Top 10 reply's to that question and once you read this you'll never ask use that question again but wonder why we Charge So Little!!

1.You probably don't go 6-8 weeks w/o washing or brushing your hair.
2.Your hairdresser only washes and cuts the hair on your head.
3.You don't try to bite,scratch or wrestle with your hairdresser.
4.Your hairdresser doesn't cut your nails and give you a pawdicure.
5.Your hairdresser doesn't give you a sanitary trim.
6.Your hairdresser doesn't pull the hair out and clean your ears.
7.Don't think you pee or poop in your hairdressers chair.
8.Your hairdresser doesn't wash,clean and squeeze your butt.
9.Your hairdresser doesn't clean out your eye boggers.
10.Unless your a child you sit still for your hairdresser!!!

Because we here at The Orangebone are Professionals and enjoy our sessions with your Companions we experience daily many of the listings above and our satisfaction is how much better you companions look and feel and the expression on your faces and the gratitude you express to use when you pick up your pet(s). On that note it's time for me to get back to work!!! Until we meet again,another frequently asked question is "Do I TIP My Groomer??" and I reply, "Do You TIP Your Hairdresser"?? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! The "Furmaster"