Why is My Dog Constantly Scratching and Chewing???

This questions seems to be brought to our attention quite frequently!! The problem is that it can be caused by so many reasons and is not always easily answered. I'll list a few of the more common possibilities and it's always a good choice to talk to your Vet.
Certainly one is the seasons and the environment. Spring with all the pollen and summer-fall as plants go thru their various stages.(many clients do comment that their problems only occur during this time) Also some pets are highly allergic to flea bites and sometimes it only takes one bite to cause an outbreak.Be sure to use some type of flea and tick repellent thru the season and when it gets cold you can take a break for most are quite poisonous.
Also many are caused by food allergies so be sure to always feed a quality food and treats.We see many pets that are allergic to chicken beef etc.Try proteins that are less common such as bison,venison,rabbit,duck etc. One of the most important things you can do is to be sure your pets immune system is strong and if you need to add supplements then this I highly recommend,especially as your pets get older....Be Proactive and allow them to eat as well as yourself!!!
Be sure your pets are getting Adequate Exercise!! This is a big problem now days and can be a major cure all.Make sure they have interactive toys and daily stimulation.
Last but not least....STRESS!!! What might be stressing your dog out and creating a chewing or licking problem. They do this because their highly anxious.Find the root and if needed talk to a Behaviorist.Seperation Anxiety fits right in to this category!! Hope this article will help you to better understand this issue and remember,The Orangebone has lots of quality foods-treats-toys and supplements to help with some of these concerns.One last note......keeping your dog clean and well groomed goes a long way in healthy skin and coat!!! Thanks,Furmaster