When Do I Take My Puppy For First Grooming??

This article should have been my first because without this proper precaution and procedure none of my other writings would have mattered!! The solution is the need for your complete series of vaccinations before first grooming and also being very careful in all outside activities with a puppy whom has not completed their series of shots,which is usually by the age of sixteen weeks or no more than 6 months in rare cases!! In all my years involved in the pet industry I've seen to many clients and potential clients bring their puppies in prematurely for grooming. I've also seen many pet stylists and store owners accept puppies without complete vaccinations or at least explain to customers the liability they may encounter.Always consult with your veterinarian and get the A-OK before scheduling an appointment or other outdoor activities,such as socializing with other dogs,parks,etc.Keep in mind that your puppy will go thru a series of 3 separate shot appointments.Be sure to follow-up each year if certain shots are necessary and may I suggest so as not to over vaccinate to do the titer test. This blood test will tell you what shots may be needed and ones not.These warnings also apply to older companions as well!! ......In the mean time until we see you be sure to acclimate your puppies to brushing,combing,washing,drying and touching in all areas. It will indeed make that first grooming experience more pleasant and us Stylist will truly appreciate!! Thanks, The "Furmaster"