"What's That Funky Smell"???

EARS!!!! Although sometimes it can be skin or both!!!
We see so many Dogs and Cats with
smelly,infected ears and usually it's a yeast problem or ear mites!! Also we see this yeast problem involving the skin along with other infections that I'll cover in another article. Ear infections whether from diet,moisture,etc.or ear mites it must be treated.
Seems once your companions get yeast infection it becomes chronic in the sense that it keeps coming back in time. This is where your vet really cashes in on you.Here at The OrangeBone we carry an OTC ear medication called Zymox and it's safe,natural and effective and it works on ear mites also!! We cannot express enough the great feedback we get on this products results.Just follow the 7-10 day directions and application.Once you rid your companion of this problem apply once weekly so as to keep infection from returning.
P.S. Zymox also carries Hot Spot Remedies,Medicated Shampoos and Conditioners for many of your companions needs!!!We LV the results of this great product line!!