What's "Bugging" Your Companions???

With the warm weather upon us the Fleas are going to be popping out of their cocoons like popcorn,Wood Tics are going to start coming out of the wood and Mosquito's are going to be annoyingly buzzing around!

The OrangeBone is your "Flea Market" Plus Specialist and we are here for whatever care and info you may need for your Companions. There are many shampoos available to rid your animals of those pesky pests and a variety of monthly topicals and internal meds to help keep them off!

Stop by for any products you may need or questions answered and book your Grooming Appt. with one of our Stylist.Don't wait till it becomes an infestation or your companion becomes infested... this could cost big $$$ to remedy!!

See You Soon

--The Furmaster