Want to Add Another Dog?? FYI !!

Being a Pet Stylist I see many clients who add more companions to their family and although it's good for our business it can be at times an added nightmare or not for them!! I call these clients "Collectors" on a humorous note!!The shelters are full of dogs and cats who need a safe,loving and comfortable home.If you get a pure breed please do lots of homework on the breeder and DO NOT buy from Puppy Mills,Back Yard Breeders or OnLine!!!
Many clients will ask my opinion on this addition to your home and I run them through a few thoughts they should seriously consider.First off you may have a companion who enjoys being the only companion and then there are others who would enjoy a playmate.Does your dog become fearful around other dogs or growl-lunge when others approach or do they truly enjoy being at the dog park with others??This can be a good place to start on making the decision to take on another family member.
If your companion seems to enjoy other dogs then it's best to choose one of the opposite sex.Male on male could create dominance problems and two females can create pack leadership problems.Sometimes choosing a smaller dog if yours is larger is also a good idea as is also getting a dog of the same breed or similar in behavior.If you have a terrier it's not always a good idea to get another for they have traits that can be agressively destructive to each other.Take your time in selection and be patient.
If you choose to add another then take the time in a neutral area to let them become familiar with each other first to see how they interact. Do remain calm for they will feed off your emotions and give them a safe and comfortable distance from you to do their sniffing and things dogs do to check each other out.Leave treats,toys,etc. out of this meet and greet.
When you've made the decision and bringing home do consider taking some time off to be sure they acclimate well and remember to assure your #1 that they still are, yet give sufficent attention to your new family member of course.Build slowly that new bond and adequate direction to their place in the family tree.
Last but not least,do seriously consider the additional time in caring for your companions and the additional expected and unexpected expences that you'll be taking on.If you can meet all these requirements,take on this added resposibility and your companion welcomes the new family member then just enjoy and if you choose to rescue....Thanks!!! See you soon at The Orangebone for all your pets needs and questions answered!! The "Furmaster"