Uber for Dogs?

Last week, a french bulldog who lives in Anaheim (who is one of our frequent customers), booked an appointment for a basic groom along with a non-anesthetic dental cleaning. Although, his owner was unable to bring him, due to time restraints and traffic coming all the way from Anaheim at rush hour.

Instead, he called an Uber. When the Uber driver arrived he was probably expecting to pick him up, except instead he ended up driving the french bulldog by himself. Yes, this dog took an Uber by himself all the way from Anaheim all the way to our store on Melrose Avenue.

We got a call from the owner telling us that his dog was in an Uber by himself on the way here. It was hard to believe, but a while later, someone walks into the store looking kind of confused holding this dog, and says "Do you know this dog? It's from Joseph (the owner)." I replied "Yes" and the Uber driver handed me the dog and walked away.

Everyone was so intrigued by this happening.

Will this be how life is in the future?