"TREAT Your Companions"

Hugs,Pets,Play and Heartfelt attention are all positive means to a well balanced companion,but TREATS......Now your talking their language!!Treats can be used in so many constructive ways in a dogs life.Such as,rewards when getting the results your looking to achieve when training,when going to and leaving the vet,grooming salon etc. places that aren't usually on their list of places they choose to be and of course just because you choose to treat them!!
When buying treats be sure to always read the labels and look for healthy ingredients. If the ingredients sound foreign to you they're probably not a wise choice.Remember that things such as many vegetables,fruits,air popped popcorn(minus butter and salt),rice cakes etc.are also a good choice,staying away from anything with caffeine such as chocolate. Also a No-No are grapes,raisins,onions,garlic etc. Any questions don't hesitate asking your vet or in most cases we're here to help also.
Treats and snacks should never exceed 10% of your companions calories in a day.When giving remember to deduct from their daily food servings for this is why many dogs are over weight.Never choose items that are to hard causing tooth breakage and splinters such as dry bones,hooves and antlers!!
Here at The OrangeBone we have a wide variety of healthy treats to choose from and not to forget.....Our Awesome Bakery Full of Human Grade Yummy Treats baked fresh locally!! See you soon and we'll be sure your companion wants to return just to get our everyday giveaway treats and to help you select some to take home. Thanks Again,The Furmaster