Tis The "Itchy" Season!!

Pollen, Fleas and Dry Skin are ALL culprits this time of year!! One word that comes to mind and plays a big role in combating the intensity of these problems is "Nutrition"!!

A short story to relate that one must take into consideration and that is..... When I first moved to Venice Beach in the 90's with my Rotti I learned real quick about the consequences of Fleas and Dry Skin. When I went to work in a pet store and started studying the benefits of nutrition it wasn't long before I started to see the affects.

Not only did my Companion's skin heal and coat look lustrous, the fleas dissipated and I was living at the beach!! Bottom line, fleas do not like healthy animals, keeping your pet's immune system strong is a worthwhile investment and also will add extra years of healthy living!!

My suggested remedy and a good place to start is by not only feeding your Companions a Balanced Premium Food but by also adding items such as... Multi-Vitamins, Krill Oil, Probiotics and a Digestive Enzyme.

I converse these suggestions to so many but they don't heed my words and next thing you know they're experiencing one or all of these problems above. If your eating healthy and taking supplements then shouldn't you do the same for your pet's??

Here at The Orangebone we have all these items and because we care and research each you will purchase nothing short of quality and be making a wise investment. Be Pro-Active!!!

In the mean time for Fleas be sure now that the weather is warm to use a Topical Treatment or one of many internal from your Vet. We also carry the more natural Products for those whom choose that route along with Flea and Skin Shampoos and Conditioners!!! See You Soon, The "Furmaster"