"The Popularity of Dog Harnesses"

Whether you have a small, medium or large dog I'm sure you've experienced or seen others that just seem to want to pull you along as you try and walk them!! Of course this can cause many hardships to not only yourself but also much discomfort to your companion. Until you take the time to teach your companion the etiquette of proper healing or walking in general a properly fit harness with the ring attached to the chess area is a savior.These types of harnesses replace the more unpopular choke chains, prong collars, shock collars, head halters, etc.
As I stated above, the key to any harness is a proper fit, for unless this is done dogs can suffer from many unnecessary physical and emotional problems say veterinarians.
Because of our limited space here at The OrangeBone I did some research on which brand was given a Five Star Review and came up with a Harness made by Blue-9 Pet Products called The "Balance Harness".This harness adjusts in six different places ensuring a proper fit and has two rings...one in chest area and one on the back.
PROS:Good quality material and simple design.Minimal sideways shifting when applying pressure on chest ring.Girth strap can be adjusted further enough back to be well clear of armpits so as to avoid chafing.(Many harness designs are complicated ,get all twisted up and cause much discomfort,even if properly adjusted.)
CON:Because this harness was so well thought out and designed with the comfort of your companion in mind and ease of your ability to handle the review board fell short of any ways to criticize......so NONE!!!
Here at The OrangeBone we pride our selves in researching and locating what we consider Five Star Products whenever possible. Stop on in and try out our latest addition to our product line....The "Balance Harness"!! Your Companion will Thank You. The "Furmaster"