"The New Generation of Pet Owners"

Personally I have been active in The Pet Industry now for 25 years and have seen incredible changes in the vast array of not only pet products but also the care and well being of peoples Companions!!Some of the older generation took a bit more convincing of change in so many old thoughts of their pets welfare but the new generation has learned far quicker and tend to do their homework more thoroughly.Even I at times have had to rethink some of my thoughts and knowledge for many of my clients have given me new food for thought due to their research.
Diet,treats,training,exercise,grooming,toys,medical care etc.are all to be done in harmony for the overall well being of your Companions.If one of those is left out or given lesser attention I've seen at times where it can become a problem,yet in most cases certainly a way to correct.
Here at The Orangebone we take all these areas of well being into consideration and our staff does it's best to stay on top of the latest information and the best products and services!! We are always available to answer questions,find solutions and meet in all areas the product or service you are looking for to provide everything your Companions requires and the knowledge you need to acquire this care!! Stop by and chat and see our wide variety of quality products and services we have to offer!! Thanks, The "Furmaster"