"The Importance Of Obedience Training"

Back in the days when I had my Rotti(Alannah)I dabbled in Obedience Training!!I had acquired training skills from other trainers and lots of technique in reading. In turn my girl became my example to other pet owners as to what I could do for their companions.I was always able to get positive obedience results with the dogs I was training regardless of age,but what became the most difficult and discouraging part of the process was their parents. People need to listen to their trainers and be consistent and follow thru with their instructions. Just like raising and guiding children,when they know a particular skill and you ask of them to do it and they don't there must be repercussions.Frustrated I became in time!! Nowadays I've become to busy with Styling,Sales and Management that I've moved away from training but am always available for questions and guidance.
Obedience Training is a matter of using simple words,understanding,consistency, and positive or negative reinforcement. To many people talk in wordy sentences to their pets thinking they understand.An example would be when someone talks to you in a foreign language and it all just sounds gibberish. Same with dogs!! All their really clueing in on is your tone,whether happy,excited or angry. So keep it simple!! There is nothing more amazing than an obedient,trusting,relaxed,confident companion.One that understands your every command. There are many ways of training and all dogs have to be approached individually depending on the results your wanting to achieve or problem behaviors.
Here at The Orangebone we have found a trainer whom we highly recommend to our clients or anyone whom is interested.His name is Anthony Silva and is the owner-operator of C.O.R.E.Dog Training and Boarding.(323-898-5445)To our advantage he has of late moved into our neighborhood,how convenient is that.In time he would also like to offer classes behind our facility on Sundays.We also have many of the training aids in our store to help you get started and are available to answer your questions. Don't procrastinate on the importance of Obedience Training,you'll wonder why you waiting so long and dealt with your pets ongoing issues!! See You Soon, The Furmaster