"The Golden Rule to Brushing..... Using The Comb"!!

How many times do I hear clients say "I Brush My Dog All The Time" and I of course when seeing their Companion will with humor remark,"OK?? But Are You SURE Your Not Brushing Your Neighbors Dog"??? In truth though I believe that most clients at times are brushing their pets ,but The KEY to brushing is to follow up with The COMB!!! If you can't get a comb thru your dogs coat then neither can the groomer and that spells out MATS!! Generally this is one very common reason why your companion does not like to come see us!!Dematting your pet can be very painful and this is why we stress so often the using of your brush and comb on a regular basis at home. I see some of my clients get real good at this technique and their pet not only is happier to come see us but the COST is less!! Yes, that's right,you save money!! Also if we have a little extra time when you come we can give you some quick how to tips on brushing and combing and how to remove some of those mats when they develop.
Here at the OrangeBone we have all the tools you'll need to get the job done so don't hesitate to pick them up and feel free to ask us any questions you may have.We'll set you up with the same tools we use and you'll be amazed at the difference in your companions daily appearance!! You may also be able to extend that needed grooming visit with us and your dog will be happy with that!! Thanks and See You Soon,The "Furmaster"