"The Art of Washing Debris Out of a Dogs Ear"

Although I have in the past written an article about ear infections and ways to help cure I at times come across other important alternatives or necessary treatments.My last article centered around a product we carry that is one of the best OTC treatments I've come across. That would be Zymox Ear Treatment. Although in most cases when used properly and do a once weekly treatment after the 7-10 initial treatment you will have achieved the results you wanted and your companion will be good as new.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to do a complete Flushing of the ears and to do properly is indeed an art. So be sure to find a Veterinarian that knows this procedure and can do correctly,sometimes taking several flushes to get the lasting results. I see to many Vets just give medication that of course helps temporarily but know that many ear infections are chronic and will come back in 2-3 months and there you are back at the Vet spending more money.They say this is not taught in Veterinarian schools so shop around for the right Vet to do.....NOT recommended doing yourself!!!
If the ears are waxy or filled with tarry exudates the flushing works well. If the ears are inflamed,painful,ulcerated or bleeding or slimy,slippery puss or yellow discharge then flushing is not recommended.In this case the Vet will recommend other medicines and be sure to ask about their thoughts on follow care as not to have to constantly battle these infection. I do believe of course that diet plays a big role in creating some of these problems as does getting water in the ears or catching something from another dog such as ear mites etc. Any questions or concerns feel free to stop by and chat. See You Soon, The "Furmaster"