"The Art of Grooming and Communication"

This of course can be a very complex subject for not only you and your companion(s)but also for the professional pet stylist!! So we'll try to keep things somewhat basic but at the same time helpful.As a stylist we experience so many different breeds and personalities.Your main objective is of course to know your pets different breed traits,likes and dislikes and understand their coat type and the tools you'll need to do the right job.When we approach the process of course we chat with the owner and get some basic ideas as to what their companions are like,whether just nervous because of the environment,shy,normally confident,possible fear biter or just being protective in owners arms etc. Generally we see dogs that are nervous because the owners are and once they leave their pets calm down.As we do,approach your pets calmly,confidently and be the leader.Like children,your pets may kick and scream and by you backing off then next time it will be more difficult and they will do the same for they know now how to manipulate you.(they are the masters of this behavior). As long as you remain cool and calm and as their leader follow thru in a positive manner then you've mastered the first step. Always praise in simple words and a calming but firm tone and touch.Once you lose your patience and become stressed and angry then you've lost and next time it will be doubly hard!! We of course generally have to do the whole process in one session but in your case if need be just do the prep work of brushing and combing,then next day bath and dry,next day nails and ears etc. Whatever makes the process easier and less stressful by all means do.....trial and not to many errors!! Here at The Orangebone we are always available to help set you up with the right tools,shampoos and tidbits of information to help your at home grooming a success.Of course if you choose to not deal with it then we'll just see you more often than not and that's OK!! See you soon and Happy Sudsing to You and Your Companion(s)!! The "Furmaster"