"The 3 Pillars To Your Pets Life and Longevity"

Helping your companion remain vibrant and healthy thru the years is a pet parents main goal.There are three basic pillars which focus on the necessary essentials in achieving excellent health and avoiding preventable diseases.Just as you would do for yourself and other members of your family.Being proactive and do include these 3 pillars thru your companions life.
1.Species-Appropriate Nutrition. The diet you feed your pet should be of course nutritionally balanced and biologically appropriate.Inappropriate diets can cause much unnecessary stress on your companion. Always try to budget a quality food that's high in protein and low in grains.Of course whole,raw and unprocessed are the best and the best choices to least are...Raw,dehydrated,freeze-dried,canned and lastly dry. When choosing dry always try to select 5 star foods at least and don't hesitate to add vitamin supplements,etc.
2.A Balanced,Functional Immune System. One of the biggest problems is over vaccinating your pet. Dogs don't always need that yearly shot for they may still have enough protection from last years. Work with a vet who prefers to give them what they call the "Titers" test to see what your companions immune system truly needs. All those shots can overstimulate your pets immune system and cause havoc!!Also things like to many antibiotics,steroids,chemical pest repellants and parasite preventives can compromise your pets immune system.
3.A Sound,Resillent Frame. Last but not least,regular and consistent aerobic exercise and I'm also going to throw in proper training to balance them out mentally!! Keeping their musculoskeletal system,brain and other organs in excellent condition is of utmost importance.Keeping your companion well exercised will also keep them from becoming obese and overweight which is for ALL of us extremely important. One of the main reason dogs go stir crazy and end up in shelters is because of all of the above.....without these 3 Pillars in our companions life there will only be problems,so be proactive and avoid them.
Here at The Orangebone we can help to provide some products and of course guidance to achieve these 3 Pillars!! See You Soon, The "Furmaster"