"Summer Sun and Your Companion(s)"

My friend and I were walking The Venice Boardwalk one hot summer day with his dog and he asked me.....Why does my dog avoid steel manholes??? I replied, give it a touch with your hand....OUCH-SIZZLE!!! LOL!!!....That might be your answer not to also mention the hot asphalt his paws come in contact with, especially puppies and pets who are not accustom to this surface. There are many ways to protect your Companions Paws, Body, Nose, Ears, etc.

Here at The OrangeBone we have products such as Pet Head "Oatmeal Paw Butter", Sunscreen for the sensitive skin areas and a Plethora of clothes to shield their body from the sun. Also we are awaiting the arrival of "Doggles" for year round eye protection from the suns rays and wind!!! Always keep in mind, what applies to People also carries over to Pets!!

See You Soon, Furmaster