Shampoo's,Conditioners and Detanglers!!

Regardless of the season here at The OrangeBone we have all the products you may need for not only prepping but also shampooing and conditioning your companions!!
Whether you recommend a certain product before we groom your companions or you want products to use at home in between styling we can accommodate and suggest what is best.
Whatever we use on your companions we also sell in house and we also carry specialty products for various skin and coat conditions that you can purchase at time of grooming and we'll apply for you at no extra charge.
Here is a list of many products we have to choose from.....Dr.Hypo Shampoo is for pets with sensitive skin and or suffer from allergies...Plum White makes a white dog even whiter...Filthy Animal gets the dirtiest dogs squeaky clean...Dr.Flea gets rid of those pesky fleas...Puppy Tearless is the ultimate in gentle puppy shampoos...Ultra Silk and also Apple Conditioner for that final soft coat....Dematting Spray which is also a leave-in conditioner that helps remove tangles and mats when prepping your pets before bath and after....Oats Fur Coats is for a variety of skin problems as well as one of my favorites called Zymox,which I've seen help heal and control many problematic skin conditions!!!
Yes,there are many products out in the market to choose from when it comes to grooming your companions but just know that here at the OrangeBone we are always looking for the ones that achieve results and we're here to make sure your pets receive the best!! See You Soon, The "Furmaster"