"Reasons To Shed Those Extra Pounds"

As a Pet Stylist I see hundreds of dogs each year and unfortunately I also visually observe to many gaining unnecessary weight gain!! Though I politely comment on this matter to my clients many either choose to overlook or are in denial.Many times it's a matter of them going thru that same issue.You over eat and your pets do the same and of course this is by your choice!!Your companion of course is going to enjoy all those treats,etc. you choose to give them.
Over half the dogs in America are over weight and veterinarians are showing concern as to all the side affects this is creating,no different than the issues we are experiencing in our own lives.Excess weight gain is the root to many joint problems,diabetes,cardiovascular,compromised immune system,cancers and on and on!!
If you "can't"easily feel your pets shoulder blades,ribs,see a discernible waist line or is a roll of fat at the base of the tail then I suggest that you face the reality that your companion needs to lose some weight.When it comes to feeding your pets just remember that dogs thrive best on high protein diets and have no real need for all those excess carbohydrates. Diet then to help your pet lose weight should be high in quality proteins and low in carbs.Treats which can be a big culprit in weight gain should be feed in moderation and deducted from their overall portions of main food allotments.Chew treats are great for chewers and certainly can keep their minds occupied for long periods. Choose ones that have longevity and low in fat.
Exercise is of course a must!! Not only will this help shed pounds but release stress and give cause for a more relaxed and comfortable companion.Lack of this stimulation I believe is one of the biggest reason many dogs have anxiety,are stir crazy and end up in shelters.Start slow and take your dogs age,health etc. into consideration. If you have any concerns about any health issues be sure to talk with your vet.Here at The Orangebone we have many choices in recommended diets,treats,chews,exercise toys etc and will help you with any of your concerns or questions you may have.We also have lists of conventional and holistic vets. You should have access to both types of medical professionals and then make your decisions accordingly. See You Soon,The Furmaster