"Tips On Grooming Your Pets At Home"

When I think back to the days when I attempted to groom my companions at home I have to shake my head.Not only did I know so little about the health factors of my companion but I so lacked in the category of caring for their skin and coat. I use to not only shampoo them with human products and then to rinse I'd either have them fetch a stick to rinse off in the lake or use the cold water hose in the back yard!!! For drying it was the good ole summer sun,going for a ride in the back of my pick-up or laying around by the wood stove in the winter months!!OH Lordy,what was I thinking??
So on that note here are a few tips to follow in the 21st Century!! First off before anything take some time to brush out all the tangles and undercoat,followed up with some combing.Clean the ears with a Q-tip or cotton ball being sure to only clean what you can visibly see and be sure to put cotton in ear canal so as to avoid water inside causing an ear infection.Next get the coat wet with warm water and apply a quality shampoo specifically for your pet.Be sure to avoid the eyes using your fingers to gently apply around this area. Lather them up real good and let sit for a few minutes unless otherwise noted with medical or flea shampoos.Rinse with warm water starting on the head and eye area and work on back and down.The saying goes when you feel their rinsed,rinse again.Excess shampoo residue will cause then to itch and create more skin issues!! You can either apply a quality conditioner and after a few minutes rinse off thoroughly or use a leave in condition....whatever your choice always read the directions on ALL products!! Once all this is done towel dry them real good and if you have a dryer for pets then go ahead and dry starting in the back-top and going forward(Be Sure To Keep Cotton In The Ears.....this not only protects them from injury but reduces the noise which can scare them) If your using your human hair dry be Very Careful with the heat adjustments!! If possible do some brushing while drying to avoid tangles and also the rule of thumb is to keep dryer the length of your pets hair away,which will also help in avoiding tangles.Reassure your companion with positive reinforcement and treats thru the process. Enjoy your fresh and clean companion and I believe in the end they will thank you also!! Any questions or needed products just stop by The OrangeBone and we'll take care of you!! See You Soon and Good Luck, The "Furmaster"