"Getting Rid of Goo!!"

Sooner or later your companions paws or their coat will come in contact with some sticky,tenacious substance such as gum,tar,pine sap or something you can't find a name for!! As it does appear impossible to remove I've had the unfortunate experience many times of dealing with this problem.If you can trim the goo out without injury or without leaving your pets coat full of notches it may save you some work!! Otherwise with a little patience and some olive oil,vegetable oil,or some baby oil take and work it into the problem area and you'll see the goo slowly break up. Continue to rub oil in and slowly start splitting and breaking up the hair.As you do this use a comb to help remove the goo and when you get out take and give your companion a soothing shampoo with something gentle!!
WARNING:Never use paint thinner,turpentine,nail polish remover or any other solvents to remove goo from your companions fur!! They are toxic if your pet licks or if it's absorbed into the skin!!
For any questions or problems you may stop by The Orangebone and we'll take the time to help or we'll get rid of the Goo for you.Thanks,The Furmaster