"Properly Feeding Your Puppy"

When feeding puppies always be sure to get food that is appropriate and formulated for your new family member!! Feeding your puppy adult food and also over feeding your puppy can set them up for life long health problems. Better to keep than lean than over weight or getting to much of an ingredient that isn't necessary!!
To many times,especially in larger breeds I see where people want to hurry up the growth of their new companion and of course as I stated above ends up doing more harm than good.Be patient an allow them to develop naturally.
Feeding puppies is much more complex than adult dogs diets,so many nutritionist suggest that if your leaning towards a homemade or raw food diet to hold off until your companion is at least 5-6 months old. Stick with a 4-5 star food that's especially designed for them.You can always reassure your choices of food by going to www.foodadvisor.com to find out how your food registers....it's FREE and informative. This is a site we use in our selections and also always recommend a great monthly magazine called "Whole Dog Journal". I've been a subscriber for years and once a member you have access to their archives which will give you answers to every possible question you have as you raise that new puppy or if your adopting any age dog.
Here at The Orangebone we of course have a 5 Star selection of foods and treats!! We also of course carry all types of items that will make for raising your puppy much easier.Stop by and check out our selection and we are also open to any questions or concerns you may have pertaining to you new companion. See you soon!! The "Furmaster"