"Pet Insurance-You'll Be Thankful You Had It"

To paraphrase Forrest Gump....Life with dogs is like a box of chocolates.You never know what your going to get!!! I've seen to many times where peoples companions get injured or come up with a serious illness and they end up in the emergency room or the vets office and find out what the cost to treat their companion is going to be!!! Most times it's an amount that will cause you to gasp for air!! Of course you want the best care and proper treatment but the expense can be astronomical.
This is where Pet Insurance can be a life savior. Even if you never have to use it at least you'll have that peace of mind and never have to make heartbreaking decisions.
When you first get a puppy and before any conditions arise look into some different policies that meet your needs.You may even want to look into Pet Insurance before getting your new family member so that your prepared from day one.Older dogs of course you hope there are no pre-existing conditions or if so what policy will better suit you. There are many and I will list a few. Everybody has their favorite.
Whole Pet with Wellness, offered by Nationwide(formerlyVPI)had a $58 monthly payment for one dog,$250 deductible and 90% payment on the rest of bill....her other dog was older and was $122 a month with same deductible and same %. It of course will vary.Several others were for example, Embrace,Healthy Paws,Care Credit and then a web site that offers a list of companies called NAPHIA and then click on "Find Pet Insurance". Bottom line,read BETWEEN The LINES and check out others reviews and don't procrastinate. If we at The Orangebone can be of any assistance do let us know!! Thanks,The Furmaster