"More Than Just a Fad-Doggie Goggles"

Not just another fashion statement or fad (though they are pretty cool)!! Doggie Goggles can be very beneficial in protecting your companions eyes in several ways.
Here are three reasons you may want to include in your pets daily accessories .....
1.Your pet's breed,health disorders and lifestyle typically dictate whether protective eyewear is necessary.
2.Certain dogs can benefit from tinted goggles to protect their eyes from sun exposure .
3.There's also eyewear available to help calm your pets with storm phobia and motion sickness.
Working dogs,hunting dogs,search and rescue dogs or even such things as high winds and debris can be good candidates for Doggie Goggles and very protective. Breeds with pushed in faces such as Bulldog,Pugs and Shih Tzu have prominent or protruding eyeballs that are more likely to develop abrasions,ulcers,cuts and other injuries. Protective eyewear can be very beneficial for them!!Dogs such as Greyhounds have an autoimmune disorder that causes chronic inflammation of the cornea and is exacerbated by sun exposure.(eye drops plus protective eyewear can be helpful). Dogs that have had surgery or dogs that have allergy problems and tend to scratch at the eye area or rubbing there faces can be protected from injuring their eyes.Dogs are not prone to suffer from UV ray damage like humans but older dogs do have conditions as they age which makes their eyes more sensitive to light and doggie goggles will make their eyes more comfortable and protected.Last but not least,many dogs like hanging their heads out the window when driving and these goggles would be beneficial from any objects that may come into contact with their eyes such as bugs,and flying debris!!We even have clients that bring their Companions on Motorcycles!! They definitely need these goggles!!
Here at The Orangebone we try to keep up on not only the latest Fads but the latest in items to be more beneficial,healthy and protective of your Companions!! Stop by and check out the latest products!! Thanks, The "Furmaster"