"Krill Oil vs Fish Oil"

As time goes by and new and improved products become available for your Companions I will be sure to update you and give you my opinion!!
So goes with Krill Oil vs Fish Oil and what you need to know. First and very important is that Krill Oil is better absorbed into your pets system and you only use a fifth of what you would Fish Oil, yet receiving more benefits. Krill Oil contains by far more of the valued Omega-3's than Fish Oil and also contains very potent Antioxidants such as Astaxanthin, Canthaxathin and Vitamin A and E. Last but not least and that is Krill does not accumulate Heavy Metals like Fish because of it's size and lifespan. Plus it is highly sustainable, unlike Fish!! So if your still using Fish Oil then use it up and next time give Krill Oil a try, your Companion will Thank You.
Here at The Orangebone we carry a very superior Krill Oil by Dr. Mercola in an easy to use pump bottle which stays free of contaminants and won't turn rancid like Fish Oil!!
*** Krill Oil is good for the skin, coat, eyes, joints, heart, immune system and more!!! See You Soon, "Furmaster"