"Keeping Your Senior Companion Healthy and Comfortable"

As we all know,our companions age faster than we do and the years without doubt seem to fly by in the blink of an eye!! Working in the Pet Industry now for almost 20 years I have seen so many cases of our companions guardians caught off guard in being proactive with their aging pets. Below is a list of some steps you may want to keep in mind as the years go by keeping your Companions Healthy and Comfortable.
I'm all about nutrition and can't stress enough that thru all cycles of your pets life there are nutritional steps that you need to pay attention to.For Seniors be sure their main meal is proper for their age and that in many cases instead of hard kibble you may want to change to canned or raw(easier to eat,digest and has added moisture).If staying with kibble you may want to add water to soften.Adding a Multi-Vitamin to add balance ,fish oil(I prefer Krill Oil)for skin,coat and joints.If joints are showing signs or not it's good to add a balanced supplement of chondroitin,glucosamine and msm,etc.Also digestive enzymes and probiotics can be very beneficial.
Be sure to keep an eye on the length of inactive pets nails with needed pawdicures and keep them well groomed,paying attention to hygiene areas and if long coated,a possible shorter,manageable length. Continue with adequate exercise and adjust according to their mobility.Also,as we do when grooming your companions,check for lumps and bumps or any other irregularities.There are many therapies now days for many health issues such as acupuncture,physical therapies,laser therapies etc. and along with conventional medicine you may want a second opinion trying holistic,working somewhere between.
Here at the Orangebone we have a great selection of foods and nutritional products to choose from. Stop by and check them out and we're also here to answer any questions best we can or guide you in the right direction.We have a list of great vets in all fields,just ask for a printed list. See You Soon,The "Furmaster"