Keeping Your Canine Companion(s) COOOOL!!!!

Yes indeed,The "Heat is On"!!!..... Fires are blazing,smoke fills the air and along with that barely a breeze!!We are all uncomfortable but then we can find things to help ourselves but our Companions could certainly use a lending hand. Depending on your set-up there are many options such as exercising your pets in early morning or evening,plenty of fresh-cool water,feeding them also at those times and keeping them inside with the air conditioning or floor fans.If you have the room outside a kiddie pool is a blessing or a nice spot under a shade tree or hose down the hot patio,maybe a romp thru the sprinkler, etc.Be careful with ice around the neck but certainly a cold towel,bandana and a cool wipe of the face always feels good.Some big ice cubes to lick on and play with!!There are also Cooler Vests that you can purchase that have to be very soothing. Of course avoid the Hot cars,pavement and daytime exercise.....Whatever ingenious ideas you can come with and be safe about it will be appreciated by your Companions.We love the summer and allow your pets to do the same. The "Furmaster"