"Itchy Skin and Bathing"(forget old school info)

Old school thoughts about over bathing your pet is in todays updated knowledge rubbish.This thought comes from days gone by when we used human shampoos or harsh inappropriate pet products,probably rinsing with a cold water hose in the back yard!!No wonder our pets suffered and then suffered more because we didn't groom them regularily.Dogs whom have red,itchy,smelly skin that turns into painful itchy rashes and hotspots could definitely benefit from more frequent bathing.What if you didn't wash your hair for a week or weeks-months at a time. That's right,you to would most likely have these same issues....it's really common sense!! If your using appropriate shampoos and conditioners designed for dogs or cats and are rinsing properly,plus feeding a healthy diet with added EFA's your pets skin and coat will flourish and they will be happy you did!!
FYI:Many dogs have grain allergies so when choosing a shampoo read the labels. Oatmeal is rarely a good choice for itchy skin for it's a grain and may just make your pets skin worse and also oatmeal has a tendecy to feed yeast and other bacterial infections.Oatmeal is good for poison ivy or profoundly dry skin due to lack of oils which could be corrected with better diet.
Cats are another whole category,but in short,they rarely have a need for bathing for they are masters at cleaning themselves. But,for the ones that are lazy,old or long,matted hair could benefit from a good day at the Orangebone Salon and Spa!!
Be sure to do some brush out on long haired pets before bathing and also apply cotton in ears to avoid infection,take special care with products around eyes and use a luke warm water rinse.When you think you've rinsed enough rinse some more!!Leaving shampoo in the coat can cause much skin irritation.Towel dry short hair and air dry,long hair towel dry and if your pet allows you to use a dryer on low heat by all means go for it or you can both enjoy laying out in the warm sunshine.
Here at the Orangebone we have all the best of products for whatever your dogs or cats coat and skin will benefit from.Also we carry many various nutritional products and foods that will help nourish your Companions overall coat and health.If you so choose to forego the bathing mess at home or want to alternate,taking a break periodically....or always:),we have an awesome group of Proffessional Pet Stylist to accomodate you!! See you soon!!
Thanks for reading....The "FURMASTER"