Improving Your Dog's Allergies, Seizures or Arthritis Through Diet

You can never research enough over the impact of your companions diet, whether dog or cat, the importance holds endless benefits! There is a great web site that is FREE called "Dog Food Advisor", which is not beholden to any advertisers or dog food companies, and will give you a complete rundown of the food you feed your pets. The order of best to worst food goes like this: Raw food, dehydrated, freeze, canned and last being dry. If your budget is limited and you must do dry, then at least go to the website above and find out your choices ratings. Here at the OrangeBone, our dry foods, freeze dried and dehydrated are of Five or Four star rating and the same goes for our quality treats. You can also do a little mixing of raw, canned, etc. with your dry if budget is limited. It always amazes me when people not only feed their companions the same food consistently (you should change your selection 2-3 times a year, getting in one what you may not in another) but as their dogs age, they don't add supplements, such as, multi-vitamins, krill oil, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and joint support. Not necessarily all those are needed, but depending on your pet, some definitely are!
When you are feeding an improper diet, you will see digestive disorders, ear infections, allergies, skin problems, arthritis, IBD, and yes, SEIZURES. All these can be corrected with nutritious diets, same as you would do for yourself.
Over processed foods, artificial colorings, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, and other chemicals contribute to all the problems above. Too many carbohydrates, grains, and not enough quality proteins are your enemy!
So here at the OrangeBone, we will help answer your questions and send you home with a better selection of products if you find your companion(s) currently are suffering with any of the conditions mentioned throughout the article, or just being proactive. Thank you for reading and see you soon! The "Furrmaster"