"Ideas For Going Green With Your Pet"

Being last week was all about "Earth Day" it seems every year more people are wising up to being better stewards of our planet!! This article is going to center around things that can apply to the Carbon Pawprint your companions leave behind and being more Green.

  1. If you feed your companions canned food,buy the biggest can and of course feed proper proportion and be sure to recycle.
  2. Save your plastic bags and use them to pick up their poop or at least buy the bio-degadable bags.
  3. If your picking up poop in your yard do it once a week to save on bags and or scoop up and dispose of properly.(you can compost and use on plants outdoors....but not on your garden.)
  4. When changing water instead of dumping in drain give the remainder to you house plants or garden.
    5.Old towels,t-shirts,sheets,rugs ect can be donated to your local animal shelters and of course most grooming facilities would appreciate the towels.
  5. Buy natural earth friendly products and toys that can be or are made of recyclable material.
    7.Avoid using toxic pesticides and chemicals on your lawn or garden. Also if you can be consistent use more earth friendly and natural flea and tic repellants on your pets.
  6. Buy your products when you can in bulk.
    9.Be creative and make your own pet toys and instead of buying processed treats,make your own healthy snacks.
    10.There are many pets out there looking to be rescued,so adopt instead of buying from puppy mills.
    These are but a few examples of going green with your pets and am sure once you start applying you'll come up with more. Here at the OrangeBone we try to purchase and work Green when and where we can to help keep down our Carbon Footprints!! Thanks and See You Soon, The "Furmaster"