"How Long is to Long to Leave Your Pet Alone"

This home alone subject has for me caused at several times lots of disagreement with pet owners. Back in the day when living in the country of Wisconsin our dogs had acres to run so this subject never arose. When I moved here with my Rotti it was not unusual to leave her alone for 8-10 hours due to my job. When I got home we would go down to the beach and play until she was tired or rollerblade.Of course I felt guilty but due to circumstances it was what it was. There were times I'd come home midday and let her out but was not regular.
The thoughts that come up now days are that a dog shouldn't be left alone for more than 4-6 hours without a break of relieving themselves.Yet it's still understood that for some the time could be acceptably longer and also for some dogs they learn to handle fairly well while others not so much. This article is not touching the subject matter of seperation anxiety for that is a completly seperate article.One choice I want to stress as not acceptable for long periods is leaving your companion in a crate for more than a couple hours except maybe at night when your both sleeping.
Here are some options if one can do or one can afford. You can try to take your dog to work provided they have proper manners or possibly come home during lunch. If this is not possible and one can afford have a dog walker stop by each day and take your companion out for a walk and relieving or sign up at a daycare so your dog can be active,socialize and get those relieving moments.
Whatever your schedules the #1 thing you can do for your companions is to be sure they get plenty of daily exercise,proper diet,socializing and lots of your unconditional love as they do so unselfishly to you. Any questions or further ideas to help you with this situation please stop by The Orangebone and we'll chat. See You Soon!! The Furmaster