Halloween Safety Tips(Trick or Treat)!!

Halloween can be the spookiest night of the year,but keeping your pets safe doesn't have to be tricky. Here are a few safety tips to keep your companions healthy,happy and stress free thru this scary celebration.
The candy bowl is for Trick or Treaters and should be kept out of reach of your pets!! So many of those goodies can be toxic and if for some reason one of your pets should get crafty and your concerned do not hesitate to call ASPCA Poison Control Center...(888)426-4435 immediately!!
Be on guard with your carved pumpkins and the candles inside. Cats are especially more curious with these items. Also if your going to put your pets in costumes be sure that they are accustom to attire and that there are not items on it that they may want to chew on and possibly swallow.Keep in mind all the crazy costumes and behavior that your pets will be exposed to so be mindful of their limits to these environmental changes.
Last but not least,if your pet is not overly social by all means put them in a comfortable area and something to keep them occupied during this spooky and overly stimulating time.If for some reason with the doors opening and closing and they should escape....BE SURE THEY ARE WEARING PROPER ID!!! With some basic common sense precautions this Halloween will be safe and all will be secure.....EXCEPT for that GHOST Behind You!!! BOOoooo!!! Happy Halloween!! The "Furmaster"