Grooming Shops-Vets and Pet Stress!!!

Personally in our shop as I'm sure veterinarians also experience is Award Winning "Pet Stress and Anxiety"!! One thing we recommend strongly is that regardless of how well trained or trusted your pet is ....PLEASE put them on a leash. We have seen that the most trusted dogs have a tendency to take on abnormal behaviors when visiting these establishments and in many ways it is understood. To most of your Companions this is not usually their favorite place to be,BUT,let me assure you that 90% of Pets do relax once their Parents have left.So what does that tell you??? Most of your Companions stress is cause by you and here are a few tips to help reassure your pets that it's not so bad. When coming to the grooming shop or vet don't do the sympathy emotions and in turn make it like their going somewhere fun and be sure to offer treats that they associate with this activity or toy,etc.As you approach and enter be calm,move forward and don't buy into their anxiety. Be the leader and once in don't hang around and feed on their emotions but instead tell them to have a good time and leave. TRUST me they will be just fine and in good hands. Another tip is to use same Groomer each time and same with Vet. This way they again will in time become more comfortable. I have clients that say to their pets.....Let's Go See The Furmaster and they actually get excited!!.....Here at The Orangebone we carry Calming Products for those pets who need a little extra help. If your pet is somewhat fear aggressive we suggest you have a visit and conversation with your Vet before the Grooming Session. I will try to follow-up with an article on Separation Anxiety. This is also a serious problem that to me begins with how you deal with and feed into your Pets Emotions.
Any more in depth questions always remember I'm here for you!! Thanks,The Furmaster