"Foxtails The Plant-Deadly As a Fox"

If you've never seen a Foxtail Plant or experienced their danger then that's good news for you and your companion(s). One of the first cautions I received when moving here with my Rottweiler was the dangers of her coming in contact with these plants, for behind my apartment was a field full of them and needed to be aware!!
Here in the California springtime they are everywhere. Foxtails are a weed that looks similar to a wheat plant,the top looking like a fox's tail,which is soft when stroking your fingers forward but in reverse you'll get a whole different feel. That feeling would be hundreds of barbs and this is what causes so much danger and injuries to your pets!!In late fall when they dry out is when the big problems begin, for as you or your pet walk among them they will attach themselves easily to your cloths and your pets fur, beginning what could become serious injuries if not promptly removed. The plant is not particular as the where you'll find in the fur but does like to get between toes,noses,eyes and ears or any moist area. Once attached the hundreds of tiny barbs slowly work their way into the skin and will keep going until removed.Sometimes you'll of course see the whole plant and other time but a small infected hole where it's already dug in.You can remove some on your own but those that have worked their way into the skin may cuase you to seek help from your veterinarian. As you read up on all the possible health issues they can cause you will be astonished. They are no joke and must be dealt with....they can unfortunately be deadly to you companion(s)!! P.S. Also be sure to check out your pets paws and such for the little sand burrs that may be causing some discomfort!!
Here at the Orangebone our groomers when styling your pets will in general always be on the lookout for any signs of both the foxtails and sand burrs,etc.Any questions please feel free to ask,as always!! Be safe out there, The "FurMaster"