"Flea Free When Leaving Our Salon"

When I think back to the days when every other dog and cat that came into the salon had fleas and nowadays rarely seeing pets with fleas is quite an amazing turn around!! This of course is due to the wide selection of flea prevention remedies and people using these products regularily.

This article is focused around when people do bring a pet into our salon that does have fleas and how we go about ridding their companion of the fleas on them. Here at The Orangebone we use a very effective all natural flea shampoo that will KILL ALL FLEAS on your pet but as we make quite clear to their pets companion that it hasn't any residual protection once they leave the salon.That means that if there are existing fleas in their car,yard,home and all things their pets come in contact with they will get fleas all over again.We give them sufficient information on the protocol they must follow immediately to prevent this from happening such as after they drop off their companions they must clean and vacuum their car, home and all items where their companion has come in contact with and treat these areas with a flea product that has a residual effect.Also very important is we stress that when the flea is in the cocoon stage nothing will kill them and they need to continue treatment again of areas their pet goes and also bedding etc. Also that after leaving salon they must use a topical flea medication or a pill from their vet and for those who use all natural treatment to follow those guidelines religiously.

So when it comes to ridding your pet,house,yard,car and all things that could harbor fleas is difficult and a must to continually follow thru with these procedures and know that here at the salon we did our job and if your companion gets fleas after their visit it's on your end to focus on where the on going infestation is causing a continual problem.There are to many times that people will call us the next day,several days or a week later and complain the their pet still has fleas when they didn't listen to what we told them and they didn't take the time to properly clean and give their pet proper treatment.So the bottom line of this article is to protect our end and to let you know that once your pet ,home and yard gets an outbreak of fleas it's going to be a big  and expensive undertaking to get rid of those pesky creatures. Be proactive and get informed about how to prevent this problem. Here at the Orangebone we carry some products that will help you and your pet get rid of fleas(and also wood tics) and also we are here to repeat and give you the information you'll need to do this if you need. Thanks and see you soon, Flea-Free!!! The "Furmaster"