Does my Companion Need a Buddy???

A client of mine called the other night to ask my opinion on whether I thought it would be ok to add another Companion to her existing family of one. She thought Max might enjoy some company. Max her 9 year old spends a lot of time alone yet does have a daily walker and gets to the park with mom regularly,enjoying some time with select dogs.As I chatted with her I felt it was more the want of another cute puppy than the need for Max to have a playmate sister. In this case I told her that the first few things to consider is .1.How would Max feel about this? 2. Do you have the appropriate extra time? 3. Can you afford ALL the Extra Expenses? etc.
Does Max at this age really desire an energetic puppy wanting her attention and does Max want to share you with another.I told her it would be nice to bring the puppy home for a couple days to get a feel for their companionship,though as the puppy grows and changes mentally and physically many things could also change...No Guarantees!! On top of that ,once you have the new puppy around your not going to want to probably return!! The same applies for a rescue,although if older it may be easier to make that decision.
In the end all I could do is give her my opinion but not a definite Yes or No.I've seen the hits and misses when it comes to additional pets,guess the same applies to when you add brothers and sisters to human families. It took years in my family for us 3 brothers to finally respect each other and get along.
So there in short are a few thoughts to consider and as for me.....I always enjoy adding new clients and the extras needs of that addition. We at The OrangeBone are always there to accommodate you and your Companions needs and answer your many questions. Thanks,The Furmaster