Dental Care: Anesthesia vs Non- Anesthesia!!

In this article I'm not going to get all technical about the details of either or procedure but will give my opinion on when one could out weigh the other.

Here are some pros of the Non-Anesthesia Dental program we have at The OrangeBone:

First off it's cost effective and we have a Certified Veterinarian that is always on premise for all procedures. Before any Dental work is done he will give your Companion a thorough Oral Exam of mouth and check his vitals. IF their teeth are in such a condition as to benefit they will proceed using the same tool that most veterinarians use, The State of the Art Ultrasonic Machine!!! There are no costly blood test or extra cost that would apply if Anesthesia was used. Also for those pets that have excess plague etc. and there's a concern about bacteria and infection our Vet can prescribe an antibiotic.

Those are the pros...

And the cons are that if the teeth and gums are in a condition that really needs to be put under Anesthesia then we refer them to their Veterinarian. Of course there will be substantial extra costs but we will not do any procedure that could not benefit your pet or put them in harms way. There's always two sides to everything, just like I tell people to us a conventional vet and a holistic vet and then decide whats best for your Companion.

Our Dental program at the OrangeBone is the first Thursday of every month. Call and make that appt.

Your pet will thank you!!

See you soon!!! The "Furmaster"