"Creative Hair Coloring and Nail Polishing"

When it comes to these two colorful services people are either in a state of creative awe or just not sure what to think!! Coloring and nail polishing has been around for many years but has gained much popularity since the added Creative Coloring Contests at the many Pet Grooming and Product Conventions around the world. We can for one assure our clients that these coloring products are designed specifically for pets are completely safe. For us at The OrangeBone we like the hair dyes that come from Japan. They are not only vivid in color but do not fad like so many others.We offer many colors such as red,pink,blue,green,orange,aqua,purple and black and brown for the more natural look. Nail Polishes that we have in store are red,pink,purple and blue but if requested we can order many other colors or glitters and glow in the dark polishes.
At present we do many colored mohawks,ears,tails and booties. Sometimes getting even somewhat more creative with rainbow,patriotic ,pokey man character coloring or fav sport colors!! So the bottom line is that if you want to spice things up and add some "Hollywood" to your Companions look then lets add some COLOR to your next grooming appt.Any questions or creative thoughts just ask!! Thanks,The "Furmaster"