"Crate Training and Carry Bags"

When it comes to Crates you'd be surprised how much dogs enjoy them once they know the comfort and safety they provide.Dogs have always enjoyed the security of caves,even I am one of those types that love my Man-Cave!!
The important part of crate training is the introduction and getting them to understand just how beneficial they are to them and that it really is their safe zone.
Start out whether you have a puppy,an adult or like when I first got my Rotti at 10 months with treats,favorite toys or even feeding them in the crate with door left open in beginning. Slowly start the door closing in intervals of say 10 seconds,then 30,one minute ect. and before long the length of time will be to your choosing. Just remember the potty schedules and always choose a crate just big enough so they can stand and turn around,otherwise if its to big you take the chance of say a younger dog relieving themselves in the back.Crates come in all shapes and sizes and some even blend in with your style of furniture. Keep it where they still can be a part of the Family yet in a quite place.
Carry bags can also be of comfort and security for smaller dogs and an easy way to transport them around and also very useful when flying. Most carry bags now days are airline ready and come in many very stylish shapes and fashions.Here at The OrangBone we have many size Crates and Carry Bags to accommodate your everyday needs. Stop by and take a look. See you soon!!! Thanks,The "Furmaster"