"Chronically Itchy Skin" Part ll

Yes, I have touched on this subject before and thru the last couple years have been able to help many of our clients with one true and tested product that we have on our shelves along with other valuable information pertaining to diet and other in store products that can help your companions heal from chronic itching.Here at the Orangebone we do our homework and try to locate products that give results and prevent our clients and customers from wasting their money.The product I'm writing about is made by a company called Zymox and they carry the shampoo and conditioner(which has a residual effect)that in 90% of the conditions we see remedy their problems and once under control we urge them to not only continue using this product when bathing but also in the mean time change diet and add some basic supplements to strengthen the immune system and help your companion from having further outbreaks.Zymox also carries an incredible OTC ear product that remedies most any ear infection and a topical spray for those irritating hot spots.These wonder products do not consist of harmful chemicals but work on enzymes that are like a sort of Pac Man and do their work by ridding(dissolving) your companion of whatever it is that's causing their discomfort.The company does not have a money back guarantee but we are so confident in this product that if you use according to our directions and don't see any major results we will give you your money back!! Skin conditions,ear infections etc. can be sometimes hard to identify as to the root of the problem but here at The Orangebone we will help to at least find some relief for your companion and educate you in the vast areas which could be causing The Itch or Infection!!!Stop by and lets chat!! See You Soon, The Furmaster