"Causes and Effects of Seperation Anxiety"

As Pet Stylists here at The Orangebone we see many dogs come in that suffer from seperation anxiety. This is a problem that happens when a companion is seperated from their caretaker or family members and goes into states of panic which can center around many annoying or distructive behaviors.At the salon we'll see dogs that are very nervous,at times drool,whine or bark nonstop.At home or in car they may do things such as tear up items,chew and scratch on things their not suppose to,urinate-deficate or bark . This of course can cause problems with neighbors etc.and has caused many people to give up their companions to shelters or even worse abuse their pets.Here at The Orangebone we work with an amazing trainer that will have a consultation with you and also offer his training skills to help correct.
There are mixed reasons for this problem from genetics to how one raises and attempts or not to train.From my experience I see a lot of this problem starts from the companions not be socialized from day one to over coddling and being overly attentive to their every need.When you don't allow adequate alone time and give your companion needed space they start to depend on you for everything and when you up and leave them alone they get anxious and stressed and that's when these irrational distructive behaviors begin.
Here are a few things to consider that will prevent seperation anxiety. From day one do allow your dog time alone and private space, leaving them for short periods of time and lenghten as they show improvement.When you leave allow 30 minutes or so of ignoring your companion,go about things you do before you'd leave such as getting dressed,putting your items together,jingling your keys etc. and when it's time to go just leave.When you feed into thier anxiety and baby talk their anxiety behavior it just makes matters worse. When you come home completly ignore your companion until they settle down and then commplement them or maybe a reward.
Be sure to leave interactive toys and treats to occupy thier time alone and most important...LOTS of EXCERCISE!! You may wish to use daycare periodically or have a dog walker stop by and take for walk.It is a difficult problem once it's instilled but with time and patience you can correct with behavior modification.Best thing of course is to be proactive and prevent. Do ask us for info on our Trainer or whatever advice we may be able to help you with. We have many products and interactive toys,etc.here at The Orangebone that will help. See You Soon!! The "Furmaster"