"Cataracts"....(how they develop)

This subject seems to be on my mind of late for I have developed a cloudy-blurry vision in my right eye and my optometrists thinks I may have a cataract or something.(she's sending me to a Specialist for more tests)......So what is a cataract and how do they come to be?? Cataracts are a clouding of the lens of the eye. The condition can be so minor as not to bother the vision or severe enough as to cause blindness. Most cataracts are either inherited or caused due to diabetes. Some other causes can be drug toxicity( to many vaccines,flea control meds,etc.),trauma to the eye or just aging.Canine catacts are much more common and clincally more significant than feline cataracts. Surgery is the best option to restore vision to your pets with severe cataracts,yet fortunately most dogs and cats don't usually need surgery,but if they do this is the best choice.There are many things pet owners can do to prevent degenerative eye disease in their dogs or cats. Diabetes is the primary cause of cataracts in your pets and is usually 100% preventative by maintaining your pet to a healthy weight and quality diet(raw being of course the best) There are also many natural supplements that support eye health in pets and prevent or slow the progression of degenerative eye disease. If you notice any changes in the apperance of your pets eye(s) by all means make that appointment with your vet. Also remember there are other problems and diseases that can affect the eye so take a moment daily to take that deeper look into your Companions eyes for their sake!! Of course here at The OrangeBone we have great choices of Five Star foods and Supplements that will surely benefit your Companions from day one. Stop by and check out all our products,grooming and many other services.   See You Soon, The "Furmaster and Barking Crew"