Brushing Your Companions Teeth....A Few Tips!!!

If your lucky and have a puppy as of this writing your chance of brushing your companions teeth is going to be less challenging. I can never stress more the importance of desensitizing various areas when raising your pup!!! Some of course aren't so fortunate due to acquiring or rescuing an older pet. In either case Start Out Slow and Be Patient!!!

Purchase a toothpaste designed for dogs. They come in many flavors and are fluoride free (which is toxic to dogs). Choosing one with antibacterial enzymes can be of benefit to fight bacterial growth and resulting gingivitis. You can start out with just your finger, graduate to a brush that fits on your finger and work into a soft bristled brush. Use a circular motion, gently rubbing away plaque and food particles. Reward your dog lavishly with treats and praise. Some dogs Will Even Tolerate an electric toothbrush!!! Rinse your toothbrush frequently as to wash away plaque, etc. and do again.... but you needn't get carried away!! There are also many products that you can spray or rub onto their gums that slowly dissolves away the plaque. Perfect for those dogs that just won't tolerate the brushing. Continue with your regular check-ups with your Vet.

Here at the OrangeBone we have all the essential Dental Products to tackle whatever technique your trying to achieve!! We will even take the time to show you some possible approaches to get the results your looking for!!! See You Soon!!! Next week we'll touch on our Monthly Dental Program!!