"Best Smelling-Best Stylist & Products"

Because we've gotten so many compliments on how good our store smells compared to other pet stores,grooming shops and daycares I wanted to touch on this subject and also some of the other compliments we get about our overall store, front staff,pet stylists, and unique products!!
There's nothing more noticeable or irritating to the senses when entering a pet store or any type of pet facility than the smell of dirty dogs,urine,feces or hair and dirt on the floors, shelves and products.Here at The Orangebone we take it upon ourselves to be sure all staff takes pride in keep everything clean,organized and disenfected!!So thanks to all those clients and customers for noticing and complimenting!!
Also we searched far and wide for Five Star Pet Stylists,Friendly Knowledgable Receptionists and believe me,they are hard to find and we feel very fortunate to have recruited six amazingly talented Pet Stylist and three incredible Receptionists....not to forget the smart,generous,kind and talented owner Ankur Patel!! What ever your needs,whatever your questions,we are here to be of service to all!!
Last but not least,we offer a wide variety of unique products,five star foods and a bakery stocked full of human grade treats.Also we offer every first Thursday of every month Professional Dental Hygenists and a Veterinarian to do a precleaning examine (anestesia free).If your Companions need a little obedience training or they have a particular bad trait that needs attention we have a Dog Trainer we highly recommend. Also if your in need or looking to change veterinarians we have a list of conventional or holistic vets we can suggest that not only we like,but ones our clients have recommended. We make it a point here at The OrangeBone to provide all your needs in one stop and also listen to what people say,what their looking for or solving any matter that comes to our attention.Thanks for stopping by or those who plan on checking us out and for those who have been regular patrons thru the years!!
See You Soon, The Furmaster