"Alternative Choices When Controlling Fleas and Ticks"

Did you know that you can have several pets whether in your household,daycare,parks etc. and some will attract fleas and tics and others go unscathed!! The reasons for this is due to several health factors that exist in your pets.Always be sure to feed species appropriate quality diets to your companions and add supplements where necessary to keep their immune system strong.
If you want to be more diligent and consistent using alternative deterents oppose to the toxic topical and pills then here below are some options and some to question.
Although Brewers Yeast is high in B Vitamins which deter pests it is also allergenic and many vitamins now days are imported and synthetic. This product is not always a good choice. Instead find foods that are high in B Vitamins such as unadulterated meats.
Garlic can be a good option but stay away from Garlic Pills for the active ingredient Allicin is no longer active. Use fresh crushed garlic in amounts of 1/4 teaspoon per 15# weight. Once digested and secreted through the skin it makes a scent thats not palatable to pests.
One pest deterrent you can make at home is a mixture of 8oz. pure water to 4 oz. of unfiltered apple cider vinegar adding 10 drops of neem oil. You can also add Catnip oil to this mixture.This recipe is safe for dogs and cats. If you want to add some punch to the dog recipe add 5 drops of lemon,lemongrass,eucalyptus or geranium oil.These homemade mixtures do work,but need to be applied several times a day by misting your companions, being careful around face and eyes.Use will depend on the times spent outside and where you live. With that note in mind there are places where flea and tick population are overwhelmed with these pests and if your companions are highly allergic to flea and tick bites then you'll have no choice but to use the standard topical and prescribe pills.When the weather cools and the pest population diminishes then by all means take a break from the toxic pills and use healthy alternatives instead if necessary. Do your homework but keep in mind that with a little extra work there are healthier alternatives!!Certainly here at The Orangebone we are open to your questions and available to answer as many of your concerns as possible. We do have some deterrents in store to help you rid of those pesky pests. Tis the season....AGAIN!! See You Soon, The Furmaster