"A Stylist's Session With Your Pet"

Here at The OrangeBone we have 6 Professional Pet Stylist with many years of experience in their craft.We also have a rating of Five Stars on Yelp and have a reputation as one of the Best Salons in Los Angeles.Every client gets 100% of our attention and care through each session with your Companion when at our Salon and the best styling for a fair price. Many times I have heard the comment about a client wondering why it costs so much when they pay half that getting their hair styled and I say.... If you only knew the process and steps we go thru to make your Companion look so beautiful(the  many things your hair stylist doesn't do) and for that amount of money you'd certainly wonder why we chose this profession and if we might be a little crazy!! It's a long and can be a very difficult procedure but we do it because it's a Creative Art and Skill we enjoy, though of course the pay could always be better yet our clients are generally quite generous and appreciative with tips...... One thing that we always stress is from day one you and preferably a trainer work with your companions to be obedient and well socialized. Also very important is that your familiarize your pets with being touch in every area of the body and start the grooming process at home and as soon as they have had all their shots come to the salon..So many times people will come in and wonder why their companion is so nervous and lacking some of the above comments are some reasons why and also because of the time before when they came here or elsewhere with their pets all matted and in terrible condition and the stylist had to be the person to put them thru the somewhat tramatic experience of major dematting, brushing and the other steps of bathing,drying,touching and styling that their not familiar with....they don't forget when something makes them uncomfortable or things that may be painful that could have been prevented with better knowledge of care beforehand .. Also many times it's their first experience and because of  some clients lack of conditioning(brushing,combing,bathing,touching etc.) and caring properly for their companions we have to do it and your pets once again don't forget the next time they come....I would be somewhat nervous also!! Your companions are similar to children and they must be taught to be obedient and experience proper care and hygeine from day one.You have no idea what it's like to work on and control a pet not familiar with brushing,combing,touching in private parts, bathing ,drying,other dogs, noise and with RAZOR SHARP tools when they continue to move and fight the process. Granted it takes time and several sessions to table train your pet but you can help make this process and these sessions much more comfortable by doing your part and your homework. To me it's a wonderment more accidents don't happen and all I can attribute this to is our years of experience and professionalism.I have worked in places where there was a lack of experience in some groomers and have seen many unfortunate accidents and unpleasant things happen that could have been prevented by better preperation on both sides. It's a very dangerous occupation working with live animals,they don't sit still for us like you do for your stylist and your not being touched and groomed in areas like your companion.So next time you come in,whether your first or a regular client,keep some of these above thoughts in mind and you'll better understand our profession and also why your dog may be acting a certain way and unexpected things may happen. I've seen many times where clients or vets will be quick to judge us and asume it was completely our fault.We're not perfect and situations do arise,but we'll be the first to admit if it was something of our doing, yet in most cases it was accidental due to the behavior of your Companion.How smooth every session would go if your pets completely co-operated like you do when you go to your stylist!!Some pets are so happy to come see us and others are just not into it!! Veterinarians experience a lot of the same things we do for when your companions vist them it's not always something overly enjoyable!! See You Soon and if you have any questions,need any type of service or possible tips we could give you let us know!! The "Furmaster and Barking Crew"