"A Natural Calming Alternative"

Thru all my years of Pet Styling I've encounter the many situations of Pets that just can't relax in the salon and of course I certainly understand. Whether they're not fond of the process of grooming,the somewhat busy and noisy environment(even though we like to keep things as stress free as possible)there sometimes just is not an easy answer for calming your companions. Although in most cases once the parents leave it's amazing how their pets nervousness dissipates!! I see dogs that also have the separation anxiety and fear aggression which can be uncomfortable and some cases dangerous with the fear biters. In some situations people have no choice but to talk to their vets and acquire a mild sedative(we NEVER give your companions anything but our kind and calm demeanor)
For many years there have been products such as Rescue Remedy,Aroma Therapy Oils and of course the many companies that claim to have that magic calming remedy!! Some products do work for some but not others and seems to be a trial and error task.
Don't forget all the other environments that effect your companions such as going to your vet,flying,separation anxiety,social situations etc. Obedience training is always beneficial to your pets well being as is the exposure to lots of social situations.
As of late I've been hearing of companies that are using Medical Marijuana minus the THC in treats and capsule form. The active calming or pain relief ingredient is CBD and appears to be very beneficial to many pets as it is in medical issues with people. Here at the Orangebone we're going to stock some of these products and let our customers give them a try where nothing else has been helping or they don't want to use pharmaceuticals from their vet.Am excited to see how these products work for there's nothing we want more than to see your companions more at ease and enjoy the Spa!!! See You Soon, The "Furmaster"