A few tips on Dog Food choices

Although there are many varieties of different dog foods to choose from, there are some key things to consider. Is what I'm feeding my dog high in good protein? What ingredients should I look for? What ingredients should I avoid?

Well, to answer a few of these questions let me go over a few things first.

Things that you should look for in the ingredients are: animal protein (chicken, beef, lamb, fish, etc.) and animal meal (fish meal, chicken meal, turkey meal, etc.). These ingredients should be at the top of the ingredient list.

Things you should avoid: any added sweeteners, by-products (meat by-product and poultry by-product), generic "fat sources" (such as "animal fat") (while "duck fat" or any specific meat fat is okay!). Finally, try to avoid artificial coloring, flavoring, or preservatives.

Here at OrangeBone, we only sell 5-star dog foods!
A few of the foods we carry are Orijen, Solid Gold, and Sojos!
Orijen is a great food for your companion - Orijen is grain-free and meat-based, with a high amount of protein, and a good amount of fat and carbs.
Solid gold is another food we carry here - Solid Gold (the Wee Bit formula) is mainly plant based, with a moderate amount of meat, while the other two Solid Gold dry foods we carry are high in protein and good fat, grain-free and meat-based, and have a good amount of carbs.
Sojos is one more food we carry here - Sojos is a freeze-dried food high in protein and carbs, with a moderate amount of fat. Sojos has a few main ingredients, being meat-based as well, with many vegetables included in the food to boost the protein!

Finally, we suggest changing your dog's food a few times a year - this way the dog's digestion stays alert and changing their food can also prevent allergies from developing! If you don't change their food, the levels of nutrients and minerals in their body stay the same, which can be harmful due to the fact that the food you are currently feeding could lack a few certain ingredients your dog may need (such as sufficient levels of vitamins and minerals - as well as different forms of protein). So, we advise you change up your dog's food a few times a year to protect them!!