5 ways people ruin their dog's hygiene

Hi, my name is Alessandro and i am lucky to be a dog groomer. Like most groomers, I care about the health and well being of every pup that comes into my salon.

While I can't say I love giving away trade secrets, there are a handful of things dog owners can do to keep their best friends in tip top clean shape.

So let's talk those some simple steps people often forget about keeping their dogs fresh and clean.

1) They don't give enough kisses

This sounds so silly, but it's extremely important. Dogs need to feel comfortable with the grooming process.

2) They're scared of anal glands

They can be gross and can smell strong, but you can actually do them at home. Some nifty guides online explain how to do this.

3) They don't know nails can be clipped at home

It's not that scary if you've got the right tools! Be careful, but don't freak out.
Keep those nails from curling! If nails grow too long, it can curl into their skin.

4) They don't do their research!

Every dog has different types of hair and cleaning requirements. Research online to see what fits your dog!

5) They aren't careful when cleaning ears!

Don't use a qtip. Use a ear product with a gauze on your finger. This will avoid your dog's ear canal from getting hurt.

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  • Alessandro